EP Drilling Inc. has been in business since 2003 and is currently active in commercial and residential foundation drilling. Family owned with more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry. Fully Insured and Bonded. :: Quality Drilling and Customer Satisfaction is our main priority.

EP Drilling Inc. has extensive experience in DRILLED STRAIGHT SHAFTS and UNDER REAMED SHAFTS including ROCK DRILLING, TEMPORARY CASING where required because of water and soil conditions and BELLED PIERS as well.

EP Drilling Inc. will work with the construction supervisors in scheduling the appropriate size and number of rigs…


With sizes ranging from 12” diameter to 60” on straight shaft piers.


With sizes ranging from 24” bells all the way to 90”+ bells in diameter.


Among all tools needed to complete the job we have an inventory of large and small diameter pipe for upper and down hole casing needs. Should casing be required, EP Drilling Inc. will mobilize specified steel pipe to the site. Procedures include over sizing hole, setting temporary steel pipe to seal hole, cleaning out the shaft and pulling pipe as concrete is poured into hole. If belled piers is required we can handle that too with our custom made bells that make the perimeter need it for that type of pier.


EP Drilling Inc. currently has:

  • Watson Rigs mounted on rubber tires.
  • Texoma-600 drilling rigs.
  • Texoma-270 drilling rigs for limited access.
  • Trucks equipped with welding machine and torch to perform any type of service while on job site reducing any down time for any type of reason we might present while drilling. With all necessary equipment to perform straight shafts, belled piers and caissons.