About Us

EP Drilling is a growing foundation pier drilling company based in Lewisville, TX. We have acquired the right combination of quality employees, drilling rigs, experience, and support equipment to successfully complete projects.

Experienced commercial, industrial and residential home building contractors understand that the North Texas soil is highly plastic, dramatically increasing the risk of foundation cracking and settling. This problem can usually be avoided by the strategic placement of concrete piers within the foundation perimeter drilled to depth where the underlying sub-strata are permanently stable. While drilling foundation piers adds slightly to the overall initial construction cost, it pays big dividends later on by avoiding expensive repairs and the preservation of the prime contractor's hard-earned reputation.

Our company has extensive experience in drilled straight shafts and under reamed shafts including belled piers, rock drilling, temporary casing and slurry displacement method where required because of water and soil conditions. We currently own and operate 5 rigs.